Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit

Sandie Wellman, Core Leader

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit aims to support the translation of research findings in to clinical practice.

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Research Summary

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit (EPCTU) supports academic and commercial research predominantly in patients with oncological and haematological cancers.  The unit provides expertise in regulatory submission with most trials now being set up in under 12 weeks. The clinical space comprising of 10 beds is highly rated by patients as delivering quality care in a comfortable environment.

There is a sample handling facility co-located on the ward which enables a high sample throughput with record keeping, to demonstrate custodianship of the samples, allowing for quality analysis.

A team of research nurses and clinical fellows work across the broad portfolio of studies, providing expertise in patient management and protocol compliance. By taking a systematic approach to data capture, data entry is highly compliant and the team is trialling real time data entry.


Sandie Wellman has worked in the early phase team since 1999 and as the consultant nurse since 2008. She has worked in surgery, oncology and mental health.

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