Research in the CRUK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre in Oxford

Imaging and image-analysis can be used to help select the most appropriate patients for surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or biologically targeted agents. More particularly, image-derived information can be used to direct therapy and assessment of response to therapy. In recent years it has been apparent that the malignant behaviour of tumours depends not only on the cancer cell itself, but also on its interaction with the host environment. Means to image and exploit the tumour environment, and cellular pathways that contribute to it, are a major theme of the Cancer Imaging Centre.

Research is split into 6 themes as shown below, each led by a Principal Investigator and supported by co-investigators.

Programme 1: Chemistry

Programme 2: Antibody Based Imaging

Programme 3: Pre-clinical Animal Imaging

Programme 4: Image Analysis

Programme 5: Imaging in Therapy

Programme 6: Image Guided Radiotherapy

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We aim to enhance clinical and basic cancer research in Oxford with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.
In Oxford, we have a great wealth of broad-ranging expertise and a powerful network of cancer researchers.
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