Oxford Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre

Lead: Dr Sarah Blagden

The Oxford Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) is jointly supported by CRUK and the UK Department of Health. The goal of the ECMC initiative is to develop new therapies to bring benefits to patients faster. In Oxford the focus has been on the application of basic scientific discoveries in cancer biology to the development of novel therapies and prognostic/diagnostic biomarkers to help personalised patient care. Through a team of scientists based in the Department of Oncology, the Oxford ECMC has expertise in immunology, DNA repair, angiogenesis and molecular pathology and has facilities for conducting imaging, proteomics, microarray and radioisotope studies.

About Us
We aim to enhance clinical and basic cancer research in Oxford with the ultimate goal of increasing cancer cure rates.
In Oxford, we have a great wealth of broad-ranging expertise and a powerful network of cancer researchers.
Study With Us
Our graduate training programmes for both scientists and clinicians are internationally recognised.