DPhil (PhD) Programme

The Department of Oncology offers to science graduates and clinical research fellows the opportunity to undertake doctoral research leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree via two courses 1) DPhil in Oncology or 2) DPhil in Radiation Oncology. Applicants choose from a list of DPhil projects placed on offer every year by prospective supervisors.

The DPhil in Oncology programme of study offers up to four-years of study with subject areas covering the entire spectrum of oncology.

The DPhil in Radiation Oncology (1+3) is a four-year combined MSc and DPhil programme, with subject areas for the three-year DPhil portion covering the spectrum of oncology relevant to the treatment of cancer by radiotherapy and its underlying biological mechanisms.

DPhil projects for 2019 entry

The list of DPhil projects on offer for October 2019 entry is detailed below:

Supervisors: Peter McHugh, Adrian L Harris.
Supervisors: Kristijan Ramadan, Benedikt Kessler.
Supervisors: Madalena Tarsounas, Anderson Ryan
Supervisors: Benjamin Fairfax, Mark Middleton.
Supervisors: Maria Hawkins, Frank Van den Heuvel
Supervisors: Ester Hammond, Stuart Conway.
Supervisors: Francesca Buffa, Julio Saez-Rodriguez.
Supervisors: Bart Cornelissen, Nicola Sibson
Supervisors: David Clynes, Andrew Blackford.
Supervisors: Andrew Blackford, David Clynes
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